Trump NAFTA Exit May Not Go


August 09, 2016 02:24 from Peter Langille


Dr. Bill Anderson (photo courtesy UWindsor website)

US Presidential candidate Donald Trump may talk about getting out of the NAFTA deal, but an expert on cross border issues says it may not be that easy.

Trump re-stated his plan to tear up the NAFTA agreement during his speech in Detroit yesterday.

The Director of the Cross-Border Institute at the University of Windsor says the North American trade deal doesn;t seem to have an exit mechanism.

Dr. Bill Anderson says we need to realize the Trump rhetoric is not really about Canada, that it’s a catch-phrase that represents globalization to Americans and lost jobs in manufacturing.

Anderson says he’s looked at a number of sources and none seem to understand how to terminate NAFTA:  “nobody seems to know the answer to that question, you would think it would be fairly basic.  In the case of Brexit there was a particular article in the agreement that said exactly how you would approach Britain leaving the European Union.  There seems to be a great deal of ambiguity about how any one of the partners would get out except they’d have to give a notice”

He remind people the conversation about trade in the US is more about their southern border, he points out Trump was in Detroit but didn’t even mention Canada.

Anderson points out that if NAFTA were to be torn up, major industries like the the auto sector would have to spend significant amounts of money to make adjustments to any new trade mechanism.